As young ladies we’ve always been taught to listen quietly and speak softly, to always carry a brush and a lipstick in our purse. We were introduced to the art of cooking and we were reminded that sweaters are to be hand-washed. We've been told that men have to be pleased and that endurance is a virtue.

We've discovered ourselves the pleasure of loud laughter and the aftertaste of irony. We have learned how to go out without an umbrella when it’s raining, and to use the microwave and laundromats. We made the decision to always follow our instinct and our heart. We have imposed and promised ourselves not to compromise and  to always be outspoken.

By so doing we became women: maybe imperfect, at times inconsistent, a little impulsive; but independent,  congruent,proud of whom we are.
Proud of our unique personality.
Be unique, Be Personal.

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