All Personal Size tights by Jolie Folie find their origins in Castel Goffredo, Mantua, the Italian capital city for tights production. Developed to meet specific wearability needs, they represent the perfect union between technological innovation and mastery crafts, between timeless elegance and everyday comfort, between creative intuition and high quality excellence.

Each work phase takes place in Italy, in Jolie Folie’s factories, where since the year 1960 the tights are first designed and then made by an expert and qualified personnel. The internal production, from designing the samples to their packing, ensures a consistent quality control on all the millions pairs produced yearly.

Thanks to the utilization of high quality threading and to the Oeko-Tex certification, which guarantees the absence of harmful substances, each Personal Size product offers to the buyer the feel and the wearability of a custom-tailored product, expressing all the care and refinement of a 100% made in Italy article of clothing.

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